HealthEngine is bringing good news to healthcare. In an era of high-deductible health plans, HealthEngine provides consumers with a powerful tool to save money without having to sacrifice quality. Physician-led, HealthEngine believes that wherever patients and doctors join forces, nothing can stand in the way of this dynamic duo. Because we all know that when consumers wield the power of choice, they are truly in the driver’s seat to demand and receive the very best quality and price possible as competition heats up in the marketplace.

The HealthEngine platform has three components:

Three components

The Engine

We provide consumers with an easy-to-use portal that clearly shows:

  • Quality and price information for more than 1.2 million physician and facility providers for hundreds of the most common medical and diagnostic procedures.
  • In partnership with top physicians and facilities currently in your network, HealthEngine offers all-in-one clinical case bundles that are up to 70% lower than the rates currently in place.
Care concierge

Care Concierge

The HealthEngine Care Concierge team assists consumers in navigating the complex healthcare system. Care Concierge professionals schedule appointments, access HealthEngine discount offerings, negotiate a new one on a patient’s behalf, answer most questions about insurance coverage or help reduce a current hospital bill.

Provider profiles

Provider Profiles

HealthEngine offers physicians and facility providers profile pages where they can share their unique attributes - education, training, expertise with specific procedures, and particulars about their location - so they can reach more consumers and referring physicians.

Who Benefits


Save up to 70% on high-quality healthcare services using your current insurance.

Get Paid to Save on the healthcare services you need.

Reduce frustration and save time with our Care Concierge.

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Utilize a free platform that empowers you to tell others more about your practice.

Reach a wider audience of patients and referring physicians.

Have an opportunity to grow your practice.

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Reduce overall healthcare spend while providing a valued benefit.

Empower employees to be savvy healthcare consumers.

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