Healthcare Decisions; Meet Peace-Of-Mind.

Reduce the rate at which health expenditures will increase. And make it easier for employees to choose appropriate high-deductable options with the confidence that their out-of-pocket healthcare costs will be reasonable. Employees like this.


This is how we do it

HealthEngine facilitates competition between providers by exposing their prices to consumers while giving them access to data on their competitors' prices and quality rankings. We capture patient satisfaction data beyond existing quality metrics and use that for provider quality metrics. We do not disrupt your current plan or require additional paperwork.

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Transparency Platform:

We start by providing customers with a price transparency portal and concierge service.

HealthEngine Pricing:

We initially identify the top procedures that account for a large share of an organizations healthcare spending, then carefully select high-quality providers and negotiate directly with them to reduce costs for those procedures.

Live Marketplace:

We offer providers the ability to manage their prices, in real-time, based on competitive forces, capacity and revenue considerations.